The HVAC Jerks

Join us every week as we discuss everything in the HVAC industry from news and technical stuff, right down to stupid customer stories and how "not to do it". If you work in the heating, air conditioning, plumbing or electrical trades, or hope to in the future, spend some time with us; you'll have a lot of fun, and you might even learn something.

Mission Statement

Now, most mission statements start out something like this:

“To provide an entertaining, informative, and fun forum for people involved in the trades, delivered in a talk-show format. Presented as a podcast with a focus on the HVAC industry, the hosts and their guests will discuss timely and relevant topics and stories to keep the listener informed, curious, and interested in advancing their skills and careers.

In addition, the hosts aim to create an awareness of basic business concepts and practices for those hoping to start and run their own successful service companies. 

Simply put, The HVAC Jerks intend to raise the professionalism and success of all involved in the service community while having fun doing it.”


And while all of that happens to be true, the fact is that sometimes “the writer” must think that he’s writing for “The Hob-snob Snooty Snob’s Club”, or something.  I mean, who talks like that?

Look, we just want to have fun, build a little audience, and maybe help a few of you stretch your brains a bit.  Oh, and, you know, help keep Anonymous Joe safe!


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There’s no big fancy corporate stuff here; just three jerks doin’ a stupid podcast.

Meet the Jerks



Author, and general HVAC guy with stupid hair. May not actually be from this planet.



Contractor, knows almost as much as he thinks, and has endless drive and energy. Sounds like Beetlejuice.   


Anonymous Joe

Sales guy, chef, knowledgeable about women's shoes. Says he's just in it for the money. Uhhh, the joke's on him!

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